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WellPlan Services uses Landmark's COMPASS directional well planning software to generate well plans. This is regarded as the oil and gas industry's leading software application for generating directional and horizontal well plans. WellPlan Services provides 2D and 3D directional and horizontal designs with wall plots, torque and drag calculations, and anti-collisions in combination with our other services.

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We provide directional drilling well planning for the oil and gas industry. Whether a build and hold or S type drilling profile is required, let WellPlan Services help you reach your target.


With oil and gas companies continually trying to maximize their reservoir exposure, the need for the directional drilling contractor to provide reliable well planning services is a must. llow WellPlan Services to assist.


Some development fields have found multilateral wellbores are the best option for an operator to develop their assets. WellPlan Services can assist with this type of directional well planning.


When it comes to drilling safety, the single most important function in directional drilling well planning is anti-collision. WellPlan Services can provide a detailed anti-collision print out report and/or spider, ladder, 3D proximity and traveling cylinder plot.


In times of emergency, it’ s sometimes necessary to design a directional sidetrack well plan. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with meeting your needs.

REENTRY planning

Trying into an existing vertical, directional or horizontal well requires the well planner to choose the correct survey station from the existing well to tie onto and provide the client with the best possible directional drilling solution.

Pad Locations

When multiple directional wells are drilled from the same lease or pad location, attention must be given to each of the wellpath designs to maintain proper wellbore spacing to avoid problems that could arise from collisions. WellPlan Services is equipped with the latest collision avoidance tools.

Field Designs

Developing fields require precise wellbore spacing and in some cases boundary objectives must be met. WellPlan Services can work with your team to help achieve your development goals.

Heavy Oil Well Planning

SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) & CSS (Cyclical Steam Simulation) horizontal well planning designs are some of the most intricate designs in the directional drilling industry and require a specific technical well planning ability. WellPlan Services has the experience both in designing, optimizing and engineering of such horizontal pairs, pads and fields. Whether well planning infills or redrills, WellPlan Services' proactive approach will help mitigate potential risk with collision related issues and to aid in increased production.


In different jurisdictions, oil and gas companies are required to provide a directional drilling well plan as part of the permitting process with their respective oil and gas commission.

If we permit a Directional or horizontal well in your preferred geologic basin, most oil and gas commissions in the United states require the directional or horizontal well plan to be submitted with the Application for Permit to Drill (APD).

The well planners at WellPlan Services provide this level of directional well planning service if such a deviated drilling well plan is required by your oil and gas commission.

The well permitting process may also involve the directional well planner to work with other oil and gas company departments such as Land, Geology and Drilling & Completions, thus creating the best possible well planning solution for the greatest opportunity for success.

Whether directional drilling a pad, section or any deviated directional well, please contact us if you require such a well planning service with your APD as we can provide this from our well planners on a per well plan or hourly rate.


Maximizing reservoir access while minimizing capex and opex drives all our well placement workflows.

Multiple well placement scenarios are examined for CAPex (Cost to drill & abandon), OPEX (Cost to Produce) and reserves (revenue from producing life) to arrive at optimum well placement solution for your appraisal project or field development. The following maps are provided to support the design conclusions for well and pad placement.

Additional maps can be provided upon request.

Well Placement Examples

Well Placement Examples

Are you an oil and gas operator or directional drilling contractor in need of directional well plans and well planning support? We can help you get on the right path. Let's get Started.

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