About WellPlan Services

Well Planning in the Oil & Gas Industry

WellPlan Services is an independent directional well planning company based in Calgary, Alberta that provides directional and horizontal well plans to Oil and Gas industry. Over the past 12 plus years, we have been directly involved in the successful completion of over 5000 well plans.

Our primary focus is to ensure that your well plans are strategically planned. Working with an independent and specialized well planning consulting team can greatly increase your efficiency, saving precious time and reducing your costs. Our directional drilling well planning team provides well planning services across the United States, Canada and International.

At WellPlan Services we pride ourselves on quick turnaround for our well plans. Our well planning team is available during regular business hours; however, we are available after hours in emergency well planning situations to carry out your requests.

We offer a variety of directional well planning and engineering services for the oil and gas industry. Please see our services section for a list of directional well planning services or contact us.

Are you an oil and gas operator or directional drilling contractor in need of directional well plans and well planning support? We can help you get on the right path. Let's get Started.

BTW, your first well plan is free!!!