We Are HorizonTal & Directional
Drilling Well Planning Experts

Well Planning Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

WellPlan Services is an extension of your drilling team, providing directional drilling consulting services for oil and gas companies. Our team of experts will provide an efficient directional plan for your wells that can save you time and money on your drilling project.

Here are our Well Planning Services:

Well Planning and Design

Our full directional drilling well planning design services include 2D or 3D
directional drilling modeling, using pad and field layouts including SAGD and CSS designs.

Well Permitting

Depending on the requirements of the jurisdictions, we work with various departments at oil and gas companies to complete the permitting process with their respective oil and gas commission.

Well Data Management

Keeping track of your directional survey data is important as your company grows.

We can help you manage your well data.

Directional Well Planning Engineering

If directional well planning is not enough for your project; we offer a full range of directional drilling engineering services.

Are you ready to start your well planning project?

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